Adults 5 Eur
Schoolchildren, students (only with a valid document) 2,50 Eur 
Family ticket (1-2 adults+ 1 or more children under 18) 10 Eur



A guided tour (from 1 to 25 visitors) 15 EUR per group + the ticket price
Educational programme (from 10 to 30 visitors) 1 EUR per person + the ticket price
Educational programmes at the customer’s desired locations (minimal order: 3 groups of 20-30 persons. Transportation outside Kaunas is organized by the customer) 30 EUR + 2,50 EUR per person



Free admission for pre-school children, children from foster homes and disadvantaged schoolchildren groups (with a written request of the head of the institution), Lithuanian teachers accompanying schoolchildren groups, disabled people, employees of Lithuanian museums, members of the International Museum Council (ICOM), the soldiers serving in the true military service, the soldiers of NATO allies deployed in Lithuania, NATO allies and soldiers from other countries visiting Lithuania on an official visit, the members of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, members of the Union of Volunteer Creators of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania entitled to a pension, members of non-governmental organizations helping to strengthen the state’s defense capabilities (one day per week), all visitors on February 16, March 11, July 6, November 23, the last Sunday of each month and during the events of the International Museums Day and other events organized by the Museum.

The Underground Printing House “ab” can be visited free of charge.