The Collection of Military Equipment of the Vytautas the Great War Museum contains 274 museum treasures. These include wheeled and tracked equipment, airplanes, speedboats, sea cannons of the light frigate “Aukštaitis,” logistic and engineering equipment, motorcycles, radio and wired equipment, and other exhibits. The vast majority of this military equipment was used in various periods by the Lithuanian Armed Forces. A large part of the equipment was transferred free of charge to the Lithuanian Armed Forces, which was being reestablished at that time, by the USA, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and other countries. Later, more used equipment was bought from these countries.

The most distinctive museum treasures are the following: armoured vehicle TGBIL M / 42 D made in Sweden from 1943 to 1946, mobile hospital DAF V1600 BB, STAR 660 car with outdoor equipment for making bread products, M-113 infantry combat vehicles, Land Rover Defender 110 used by Special Operations Forces in Afghanistan, radars controlling the Lithuanian airspace P-40 and PRV-16, airplane AN-2, fighter Su-7, airfield fire trucks “Timoney,” “Zaporozhets” passenger car, which was one of the first cars purchased from the Government Reserve for national defense purposes, etc.